Naomi Harris Rosenblatt; A biblical speaker for our modern times

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A Rare Personal Diary of an Extraordinary Time in Jewish History

Bless the Bitter and the Sweet

Bless The Bitter And The Sweet

A Sabra Girl's diary during the last days of British Rule and the Rebirth of Israel

Naomi's diary is a rare chronicle of her years in Palestine from 1947 - to Israel 1952, translated from Hebrew to English and enriched with a wealth of rare photos of the period.

Born in Haifa to English speaking parents, Naomi attended the prestigious Reali school, and served in the Israeli Navy. Her diary chronicles the early days of World War II when British officers came for tea at her parents' home, the powerful impact of bible studies, the loss of her heroic 21 year-old cousin Danny in the War of Independence, and falling passionately in love with an American visitor.
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  Naomi Harris Rosenblatt
Naomi is a renowned psychotherapist, writer, and speaker on all topics related to women and families in the Bible, and how we can draw on ancient wisdom as a prism through which we examine and strengthen our own lives.



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Naomi is available to speak on TV and radio programs, at events and book clubs. Contact her today to customize a presentation for your group.